New Counties Added in December

The New California State movement is growing.  At the December 16, 2017 meeting of the New California Council of County Representatives the counties of Riverside and Sacramento Counties were certified by a vote of the County Representatives.

This brings the total ‘ratified’ counties in the New California State movement to 17 Counties.  New California’s goal is to be at 40 ratified counties in early 2018.


Yuba and Sutter Counties join the PCCR

On Saturday July 15th 2017 Representatives from Yuba and Sutter Counties presented their petitions for their newly formed county committees to join the Provisional Council of County Representatives. After a brief discussion both county committees were voted into the PCCR.

Jeremy Berg is the representative from Yuba county and Paul Preston is the representative from Sutter. This brings the number of member counties to 6. Once we reach 9 counties the status of the Provisional Council of County Representatives changes to the full charter as the CCR.

Lake County Committee for the New State Council of County Representatives

We are pleased to announce the creation of a new Lake County Committee for the formation of a New State in North California on May 16. 2017. The committee elected officers and ratified a Charter for the New State CCR, are excited about moving forward with our goal of forming a New State with County Representation by a council of Representatives from the communities they serve.  

A vast variety of people attended with ages ranging from young adults to our eldest being a centenarian. All seats were taken by the overflow crowd. Some people stood in the room and there were at least five people outside the doorway.

Our vision is to become a New State in the Union. Our direction in attaining this goal is different from prior efforts. We invite you to attend our next meeting Tuesday, June 27, 2017 at 6:00 PM in Lakeport CA at the Round Table Pizza at 821 11th Street.

We welcome members of all political parties to join our efforts.

Butte County SOJ Committee

On October 27, 2016, the Butte County State of Jefferson Committee voted to adopt the State of Jefferson, Community of County Representatives (CCR) Charter. Butte County is the second
most populated county in the proposed State of Jefferson.

Ruth Haring was elected to be Chair of the Butte County Committee and the Representative to the CCR.
Hildy Langewis was elected as the 1st Alternate
Tom Kozik was elected as the 2nd Alternate

Ruth Haring
Butte County State of Jefferson Committee

Mendocino County Update

We had our monthly (10/25/2016) Mendocino County for the State of Jefferson Committee meeting on this blustery, rainy Tuesday night with a turn out of 20 die hard supporters.  The main agenda item was the CCR Charter.  We ratified the Charter with a unanimous vote after lively discussion while going over it line by line.  We also elected our Representative and alternates, again with unanimous votes.

We were privileged to have our (hopefully) next State Representative, Mr. Ken Anton, in attendance (2nd Assembly District and Mendocino County resident).  He is a vocal Jefferson supporter.

Looking forward to seeing everybody on Sunday at the next Formation Assembly in Redding.  I would also like to take this opportunity to thank all those who work so hard to set these things up.

Susan Young,
Mendocino County

Good news from Nevada County

Good news from Nevada County today. Last night (10/18/2016) we held our historical election for our representatives for the Committee of County Representatives (formerly known as the Executive Committee). The election date was set at the beginning of October and an e-mail invitation for the election on Oct. 18th was sent out to over 500 interested people in our NCSOJ database. The room was packed last night! The charter was unanimously accepted and our three representatives were elected. Gary Pitts was unanimously elected as primary representative with Fran Freedle and Claudia Taylor as alternates. How are the other counties doing? (I know that Placer County lead the way) Any progress?